Arnaud Pyvka


Arnaud Pyvka was born in Poitiers, France and now lives and works in Paris.

Pyvka studied modern history at the Poitiers University where he founded the Henri Langlois International Conference for the International Film School Festival.

Upon completion of his education Arnaud moved to Paris where he began his multi-faceted career in photography, film and art direction. During this time Arnaud assisted several well-acclaimed artists in each discipline and worked for various high-end fashion magazines and luxury brands.

Photographer, art director, publisher—Arnaud Pyvka is a multi-faceted artist. He has a unique style, taking colorful, head-on, off-center, big-flash photographs, seen in both his personal and professional work. Pyvka photographs people, things and situations in a way that is playful and emotional. He uses Instagram to document his life.  We see photo sessions, the people he meets on his travels, and his life with family and friends


Pyvka now devotes all of time to photography and video and brings to both a keen and rounded sensibility that includes a uniquely historic and multi-media perspective. “The freedom in combining these mediums helps to jolt my memory, interpret time and everyday life in order to rebuild them, isolate them and play with them.”

Exhibits include La Fiac, Art Bassels Miami, Frieze, Paris Photo, Parcours Saint Germain and Dysfashionnal among other group gallery shows. Arnaud has also had three solo shows in La B.A.N.K Galerie in Paris, and he is now represented by Galerie Marguerite Milin.

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